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Forge Products is the sole wholesaler in Canada for GATEMATE,
                             a British brand of quality and innovative gate hardware that has
                             been available for 2 decades. As a leader in the gate hardware
                             industry there are many things that set us apart…

                             •  Largest selection of wood gate hardware in Canada

                             •  Exclusive Product Range
                             •  Free shipping with low minimums
                             •  Hinges available in a broad size range up to 48”
                             •  An uncompromising commitment to value and quality
                             •  Distribution in Canada, United States, England,
                               Ireland, and New Zealand

                             Products available from authorized distributors…
                             Call our customer service department at 1-877-576-1376
                             to locate your closest dealer or to become set up as a dealer.

                                     GLOBAL ASSOCIATE COMPANIES

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                               Products     Trading      Sales    Products, LTD  Sales

                                            SATISFACTION GUARANTEED
                                            We guarantee the performance and quality of every one of our products.

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